Move to a New Location

Jan 7, 2021

In late November the Tolle Lege team began packing up the Mińska Street study center for our move to a new location on the campus of The College of Theology and Social Sciences in Warsaw (WSTS). Although the former location served its purpose well, this move has allowed Tolle Lege to take a wonderful step forward in making the doctrines of grace accessible to truth-seekers in Poland, especially those in the academy.

Tolle Lege was founded from the very beginning in hopes of partnering with institutions of higher education in Poland. The invitation we received to relocate Tolle Lege at the College is a welcome and exciting opportunity to do just that. By moving, we’ve brought our library right to the doorstep of students and faculty.

We look forward to Tolle Lege’s continued partnership with WSTS in promoting more events like November’s Puritans conference, new Reformed theological coursework, and Christian fellowship in pursuit of truth.

New study center interior

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