Visitors from Strasbourg, France + Baltimore, Maryland

Apr 12, 2019

In April Tolle Lege hosted a group of 18 people from the historic Temple Neuf, a Reformed congregation in Strasbourg, France. John Calvin pastored this church from 1540-41 after being forced out of Geneva.

The current pastor, Rev. Rudi Popp, had written in advance requesting a visit to TLI, for an introduction to our work and a talk by Dr. Bryćko on Polish Reformation history and the future of Christianity in Europe. The group’s goal was to take a trip through Europe to visit sites of current theological interest, where life and growth are happening — places that may have some bearing on the future of European Christianity.

On the same day a woman from a PCA congregation in Baltimore, Maryland, also happened to be in Warsaw, we were pleased that she could join the group. The French pastor interpreted for his people. After returning to Strasbourg pastor Popp shared his impression of our ministry and Poland in a radio program. French speakers can listen to this program by clicking on the link:

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