Machen Published in Polish

Jun 10, 2020

TLI has just published J. Gresham Machen’s Christianity and Liberalism in Polish! Machen wrote his classic defense of Christian orthodoxy in 1923 to counter rising theological liberalism. But given the intensity and durability of the unorthodox zeitgeist, Christianity and Liberalism is even more relevant for readers today than it was for its original audience 100 years ago. Machen insists that liberal Christianity is not Christianity at all, but a different religion altogether. His brave words give orthodox Christians tools to identify and resist the most dangerous kind of false teaching – that from within the church. Christianity and Liberalism is the first in Tolle Lege’s new primary-source series called “Intelektualne Wstrząsy,” which means something like “intellectual shakeup” or “jolt.” The goal of the series is to introduce Polish readers to paradigm-shifting works by key thinkers of the Presbyerian/Reformed tradition.

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