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4 Ways to Reach Poland

Tolle Lege Institute was established in 2007 in Michigan and since 2015 operates in Warsaw, Poland, with the goal of renewing biblical faith as expressed in the Reformed and Presbyterian Confessions of 16th and 17th century Europe. This goal of promoting classical biblical and confessional Christianity has been accomplished over the years in four major areas: book publishing, church-planting, online teaching, and podcasting. Due to the war in Ukraine we have also been involved in providing food and humanitarian assistance via trusted believers and evangelical congregations.

Recent Events

Inauguration of the Academic Year

On October 2 we inaugurated the academic year at the College of Theology and Social Sciences. Dariusz has just become the Director of English Theological Studies and is developing the Reformed/Presbyterian Theology track, newly created in cooperation with Tolle Lege. Brooke teaches Research & Writing courses.

New Publication

On September 30 we got our latest book from the printing house—A Friendly Conversation Between an Evangelical Minister and a Roman Catholic Priest. It is a Reformation-era work by Polish-Lithuanian minister Daniel Kałaj, now republished for a modern audience.

Development of the Reformed/Presbyterian Track at the College

In partnership with The College of Theology and Social Sciences in Warsaw, Dariusz was asked to develop a new Reformed/Presbyterian Theology track and serve as Director of English Theological Studies. Brooke will teach Research & Writing courses.

Official welcoming of our mission congregation

At the June Synod of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Lithuania, our church plant core group was welcomed as an official mission congregation.

Recent Events

A Conference on Puritans

On November 28 we hosted a conference on Puritans. The speakers were Rev. Dr. Dariusz Bryćko (Instytut Tolle Lege), Dr. Paul C. H. Lim (Vanderbilt Divinity School), Rev. Dr. Kamil Hałambiec (Wyższa Szkoła Teologiczno-Społeczna), and Rev. Dr. Bob Fuller (First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio, TX). Because of the pandemic, all the lectures and the discussion panel were hosted online. More than 100 participants were able to grow in their knowledge of Biblical truth and Puritan piety.

All the lectures are available online for watching.

Calvin’s Institutes Book Promotion

On September 24 we hosted a book promotion for the first-ever translation of Calvin’s Institutes to Polish, published by HORN.

In the Fiery Furnace Podcast


 Polish-language theology podcast called In the Fiery Furnace. In its first season it discussed each chapter of the Westminster Confession of Faith, published by us in 2022.

Makowski Academy of Reformed Theology

Makowski Academy of Reformed Theology

Our Polish-language online courses are designed for all who wish to explore the Bible and the historical foundations of the Reformed confessions.


Instytut Tolle Lege


In our three series we publish Protestant classics, primary sources, and textbooks never before available in Polish. Between 2016-2024 we run open to the public library in Warsaw. 


Makowski Academy of Reformed Theology

Reformed Congregation

We support Warsaw church plant of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Lithuania and cooperate on various projects with other churches in and outside of Poland. 

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Listen to an interview with our founder and president Dariusz Bryćko, PhD on “Faith Seeking Understanding in Poland”

Dariusz Bryćko


Dr. Dariusz M. Bryćko

Brooke Bryćko

Development Director

Brooke Bryćko

Przemysław A. Lewicki

Academic Director

Przemysław A. Lewicki

(PhD candidate)

Przemysław Mac

Bookstore Manager

Przemysław Mac

Krystyna Kryszkiewicz


Krystyna Kryszkiewicz

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What does Tolle Lege Mean?

Tolle Lege is a Latin phrase meaning “take and read.” It is taken from St. Augustine’s account of his own conversion in his classic work Confessions. While weeping in his garden, overwhelmed by a sense of sin and separation from God, Augustine heard an audible voice, as of a boy or girl chanting in a neighboring house, “Take and read, take and read.” Startled by these words, Augustine interpreted it as a command from God to open the Bible and start reading the first passage he should find. The Apostle Paul’s words in Romans 13:13-14 confronted his most closely held sins – and the moment Augustine received God’s Word he was flooded with indescribable peace. He immediately confessed his faith to others and began a new life in Christ.

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